About Investing

When you invest in custom photography, you’re not just paying for a one hour session and a handful of images. So, what are you paying for?

There are many details that go into a single session for a family. There’s booking, planning and preparation, client-photographer communication, travel, shooting the session, sifting through images, many hours of editing/processing images, uploading images to a private gallery, reviewing orders, and that whole thing about the photographer’s ‘time and talent.’

The investment in camera and editing equipment, set materials and props is high and continuous. And finally, running a legitimate photography business is time-consuming and costly, with insurance, accountant fees, internet, blog and website fees, etc.

All these details on the business end result in custom experience and a one-of-a-kind set of images of you, your children or your family. A custom photography session is called an investment because you’re choosing to capture a moment in time and come away with beautiful, high quality images you can display and cherish for years to come.