Avery | 7 months

If you’ve ever seen references to ‘lifestyle photography’ and wondered exactly what that means and what that style of photography is all about, this shoot provides a great little explanation. Lifestyle photography differs from portrait photography in that the images of of the subject are taken in their natural setting, doing things they would normally do. Here, Avery’s reading (and trying to eat) a book on the floor of her nursery.

Why choose a lifestyle photography session?

Many people like lifestyle photography because of the natural, candid look achieved in these photos. With this style, there is no unnatural posing– though, even in portrait photography, a pose should never look unnatural, forced, awkward or uncomfortable. I personally love lifestyle photography because it truly captures a moment in time and offers a glimpse back at not just the person in the photo, but the space, the environment, the feel of that moment.

In this session, the focus is clearly on Avery, but also on this book that has always brought tears to my eyes, and on her nursery that I put so much thought, time, effort and love into creating while we awaited her arrival. This lifestyle session allowed me to hit pause and capture Avery at 7 months in a space we enjoy every day. So when the time comes and I paint over her blue walls because she suddenly loves pink, or we swap out her baby books for pre-teen novels, or the piggy banks get packed away into some forgotten corner of the attic, I’ll have these pictures to look back on and remember all the details. I’ll remember the way the light floods into her room every morning. This will hopefully remind me of how happy she is in the morning, and how my heart melts every time I go upstairs, lean over her crib, say “Good morning!” and watch as a giant smile spreads across her face. I hope that will remind of just how cute her smile is right now with just two little bottom teeth, and how she loves to use those teeth–my good eater! Maybe that will remind me of how now, at 7 months she is only interested in eating the solid foods we eat at dinner, not the mush we serve her. (How dare we!) Then that will remind me of how we eat dinner together as a family every night and it’s quite possibly the best thing ever. Phew!

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