Avery’s Birthday Tradition | Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer

I love family traditions and one of my favorite things about starting our own family is being able to start our own special traditions. When we were expecting Avery, I had a date to go into the hospital for an induction, so the night before Devin asked what we wanted to do on the last night before we’d become parents (we’d both worked that day).  I of course said I wanted to go swimming. So last year, on the night before her birthday, we took Avery back to the beach to spend some time celebrating her birthday, just the three of us. We’re about to head out to do the same this year, so I figured I’d share the photos from last year’s birthday trip to the beach. Looking at these pictures and how small she was, how short her hair was and how her features were still so “baby” it feels like this was a million years ago– not just one. Looking forward to making more memories tonight with Avery, Devin and our new addition Clayton.

P.S. I’ve shared the one photo we have of me from this night at the end of this post as a reminder to the moms and dads who are always the ones behind the camera. Make sure there’s some proof you were there! Even if it’s a goofy, squinty-eyed silly picture like the one I have from this night 🙂


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