Ellie | Massachusetts Newborn Photographer

Dear Ellie,

Photographing you might have been one of the most memorable things I’ve had the privilege of doing as a photographer. It feels like yesterday your mom was as small as you are (that’s a short joke because your mom is vertically challenged LOL). She and I became friends in third grade and used to spend so much time together doing things like playing basketball and going swimming. This summer, your mom and I will get to spend time together like that again but instead of playing basketball we’ll get to play with you, my Avery, and your soon-to-be-bff. Sorry he doesn’t have a name yet– we still have two days to pick one!

Holding you during your newborn session and capturing your sweet little smiles and curly, sleepy poses made me take a step back and look at how great life is. Surviving school, and college, finding “big girl jobs” and partners in life, and having children would have been a far-away and impossible thought when your mom and I first met, but here we are all of the sudden. And it’s all better than I think we could have imagined.

It was really something to see how amazing your mom and dad already area with you. Your mom, who hadn’t held a newborn until just two years ago when Avery was born, is such a natural with you. And in just your first few weeks of life, I’ve caught your dad on several occasions, just staring at you while he holds you. Heart melting stuff right there.

Ellie, you are already so loved and adored and I am so excited that I get to be a part of your life. Oh, and tell your Papa Tim the basketball team he will someday coach for you needs to be co-ed, so your bff, Name TBD, can be the center!


Your Adoring Aunty Holly

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