Floral Cake Smash | Massachusetts Baby Photographer

Not to brag, but most babies love me 🙂 It’s not a brag because the feeling is totally mutual. Still, occasionally, little ones can be a little apprehensive and shy instead.

Layla arrived to the studio for her Cake Smash Session with her mom, dad, aunt and grandma. I could tell right away that I’d have to work to win her over. As her momma, aunt and grandma fawned over her and got her ready, the looks Layla gave her dad were definitely a cry for help, and a look of, “Do you see what they’re doing to me?” It was completely adorable.

The first photos we took were on our little toddler bed, and she seemed pretty OK with that. I carefully kept my distance as she warmed up to the studio and me. Then she smiled and it was all good from there. We had smiles through her portraits and family photos, and mix of smiles and serious moments during her cake smash. She was not impressed by frosting, but loved her cake!

By the time we were done, and everyone was packing up, she was happy to have me to hold her and was in no rush to leave 🙂  (OK, now I’m bragging).

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