My Photography Style

my photography style

For me, the perfect image comes from getting the shot right straight out

First and foremost is determining the setting or designed set. I love natural outdoor settings, lifestyle shots showing families in the comfort of their own homes, and designed sets with a little personality infused. I’m a fan of minimalist props and keeping things simple, as not to detract from the main subject. The best part of selecting the setting is working with clients to find or create a space that best represents them and their family.

When it comes to individual styling, I again prefer simple looks to keep photos looking timeless, but I encourage families to have fun and express themselves. Take a look at our What to Wear board on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Finally, when it comes to processing and editing images, I always aim to find a balance between a crisp, quality image that’s true-to-life, and a certain ethereal element that ups the magic of the photo.

Have any questions about my style? Contact me by clicking the Contact form on the main menu! I love collaborating with clients to create one-of-a-kind images.