Newport Beach Baby Photography

I absolutely love beach shoots because it always reminds me how very lucky we are to live so close to the shore. Our studio is located in Rehoboth where there are sadly no beaches, but we have so many beautiful beaches within an hour drive. For Aiden’s six month session, his momma and I planned to meet at Third Beach in Newport, RI. It was a late afternoon in mid-September so we practically had the beach to ourselves.

September is often the best month for beach sessions for many reasons: the days are shorter, so we can shoot a little earlier than we can in July and August when I start most beach sessions around 6:30 p.m.; the beaches are quieter because school is back in session; and temperatures are usually perfect. The night I met with Aiden and family, the weather was a leaning a little more towards cool and breezy. Still, despite the cool breeze, Aiden was such a happy little guy, taking in the scenery and flashing tons of smiles!

I didn’t know it then, but this was the first of several time I’d get to see this awesome family (and hopefully more in the future), but I did know instantly that they were just great people and I loved spending time with them. It was easy to see Aiden got his calm, kind, happy attitude from both his mom and dad.

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