Quick Tips: Halloween Photos

The night has finally arrived! You and your little ones have spent weeks or maybe months picking out the perfect costumes and devising a plan for the evening. Halloween is a whirlwind when you have kids, so as much as everyone likes to have great photos to remember the night, how and when to take pictures is often an afterthought. To make sure you have at least a few great pictures to remember Halloween 2015, here are some photo tips:

  • Take photos early. Be sure to snap a few photos before you start trick-or-treating or head off to a party. You might even consider taking some earlier in the day, like after your baby gets up from a nap—hopefully in a happy mood.
  • Capture character. Encourage your little one to get into character for some fun photos. You can get creative and consider the background for these photos, like a brick wall for superheroes or among the trees in your yard or a local park for animals and other creatures.
  • Document each stage. Snap pictures while your child gets into costume. This can be pretty funny, especially when the getup is elaborate or involves face paint. When the trick-or-treating is done, don’t forget to snap pictures of your child excitedly going through their loot.
  • Take outdoor photos at dusk if you can. The half hour before the sun sets provides photos with a nighttime, Halloween mood without the hassle and difficulty of shooting in pitch black darkness.
  • Look for other light sources. Once the sun has completely gone down, get creative and find other light sources instead of relying only on your flash. Consider streetlights, porch lights, and flash lights.
  • Unfortunately, Halloween can be as dangerous as it is fun so always consider safety first. Be especially careful while snapping photos of your child walking down the street or sidewalk, where cars can pose a danger.
  • Backup Plan. Don’t stress if your child won’t allow you to snap a great photo on Halloween. That’s just another great excuse for them to dress in their costume another day. dungeon-demon copy

Other Halloween Tips:

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